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Come and collaborate!

Ribambelle! is a collaborative drawing project in which all persons are invited to participate, regardless of any prior experience in drawing. 

To produce these drawings, each participant is asked to choose one figure from within a photograph of a group of figures, and to try and draw it as realistically as possible. Their completed figure is then covered from view so as not to influence the drawing by the next participant. In this way, the facility – or lack of facility – of each participant will infuse their figure with a unique personality vis a vis the group.

The Ribambelle! project seeks to activate a community of creators, whose participation is based solely on their desire to participate rather than their “skill”. The collaboration seeks to emulate the structure of the larger community and to ‘democratize’ the creation of meaningful works of art. 

The Ribambelle! project was started in 2020, partly as a response to the forced distancing of the covid-19 pandemic. To date, Ribambelle! has initiated projects in both drawing and sculpture.

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Ribambelle! drawing sessions 


Ribambelle! portrait sculpture sessions 

This five week session was the first to explore life modeling. Participants, who had never sculpted before, were asked to model my portrait bust from life. 


The Sculptures produced during this session will eventually become part of a sculptural version of my ongoing Double Self-Portrait project.

Much thanks to Melanie Furtado who co-directed the sessions. 

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